LONG AFTER台灣國家婦女館特展

LONG AFTER台灣國家婦女館特展

在跨越時空的數據中看見故事間的交織性 深入故事的故事裡找到改變的力量 讓婦女平權在對話與實踐中延續到很久很久以後 LONG AFTER Read through data in history how stories intertwined —dive deep into the story within the story for forces of change — to continue the conversation and practice of gender equality for women. LONG AFTER today stories continue. 開展時間:2023/3/8 起(常設展覽) 展覽地點:台灣國家婦女館(台北市中正區杭州南路一段 15 號 9 樓) Special Exhibition at Taiwan Women’s Center Date: from 03/08/2023 (permanent exhibition) Address: 9F., No.15, Sec. 1, Hangzhou S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City (Taiwan Women’s Center)

透過理性的故事&認知思考的互動 突破靜態與單點式的理解

在線性的時間軸上觀察「 平權得以持續下去的方法 」

在網狀的交織性中探索「 權益推動背後潛在的挑戰 」

Take things not at face value through the stories told rationally and interactive quizzes.

Linearly In the timeline, take a close look at “how egalitarianism can be fostered on and on.”

Seeing things beyond more than a chain of events, explore “the hidden challenges behind promotion of egalitarianism.”




Explore as stories unfold — layer by layer.

Ponder the insights throughout history.

And how egalitarianism can persist and flourish.

透過一場性別議題的認知實驗 打開新的對話 讓改變延續到很久很久以後

— 策展團隊 RE:LAB

Via an experiment on how we see gender topics, start a new dialogue. Long after today stories continue.

— Curated by RE:LAB

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Organized by: Social and Family Affairs Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare


Implemented by: Foundation for Women’s Rights Promotion and Development

策展單位:RE:LAB 資訊設計顧問公司

Curated by: RE:LAB Information Design Consultancy

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