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How to Create a FREE Link in Bio Page in Minutes with Portaly


    Welcome to Portaly!

    Portaly is a user-friendly Link in Bio page builder purposely designed for visual creators. 

    With a full set of 30+ building blocks and integration tools, Portaly can easily visualize and customize a bio page within minutes. Add dynamic gifs, audio files, videos, image galleries, QR codes, and links in seconds. 

    This article’s goal is to provide you with a clear idea of the Portaly user experience and walk you through setup step by step.

    Getting Started

    We recommend creating a Portaly account in a different tab and following along as we take you through the process step-by-step.

    We will go over the functions of your Portaly home page. Follow the steps, and you will be able to create a dazzling Link in Bio page in no time!

    Your Profile Block

    Your Profile Block is the first thing people will see and is the most important block on your Portaly page.

    Editing your profile block allows you to not only edit your profile image, bio, and social media links but also lets you choose your theme color palette.

    Add social links from dozens of platforms!


    Your selected theme’s color palette will be used throughout your entire Portaly page.

    You control every block on your Portaly page. Don’t feel pressured to choose a theme now because you can change your theme whenever and as many times as you want!

    You’re also able to freely change the font. We encourage users to explore themes after uploading image, video, and other multimedia blocks. The right background theme can really help highlight and emphasize your page.

    You don’t know the power of the Dark Side!

    Don’t want a white background? Try Portaly’s night mode to give your artwork an added umph! 

    Day Mode vs Night Mode. Choose your best fit!

    Share it on Facebook and Instagram

    In the Preview Setting, control how thumbnails look when you or anyone else shares your Portaly page! Portal lets you choose the image, title, and snippet text that best suits you. Unsure? Well, we also let you see a preview of what your shared links look like!

    Always put your best foot forward. Control how your links look!

    Easy as A, B, C!

    Maybe we’re too old, but everyone’s played with alphabet blocks as a kid, right?

    Your Portaly page is composed of “building blocks.” Your profile block is the most important of them, but don’t stop there! Each block corresponds to different content: images, image gallery, buttons, gifs, audio files, and even video!

    Building your Portaly page is as simple as adding a block!

    And we have even more kinds of blocks currently in development! Be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on all our future release notes!

    Button Blocks

    The most basic block. As long as you can enter text and hyperlinks, you can generate buttons. Portaly even offers button animations for that extra umph.

    Have your buttons wobble, shake, or pulse!

    Image Blocks

    Our most popular block! Image blocks come in several formats including 1:1, 2:1, double 1:1, and a logo wall. 

    You can add even more images to your Portaly page with our carousel feature. Image blocks can have their own unique label, description, and embedded link! 

    But why stop with just still images, image blocks can even handle gifs!

    Media Blocks

    Portaly uniquely offers video and audio buttons! Add videos from YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, or Twitch! You can even share your favorite Spotify or Apple Podcast audio files!


    Portaly users have spoken, we listened, and we’ve acted! We now offer integrations with your favorite e-commerce, patronage, or donation platform. We’re always working hard on ways to make our users’ lives easier. Keep telling us what you need!

    Integrations are EASY to add. One link, one image, and some text is all you need!

    Text Blocks

    Keep it nice and simple with a text block. But, we couldn’t help ourselves and even offered a Paragraph feature for your Portaly text blocks!

    More Blocks!

    We’re always working hard on making our users’ lives easier. Stay tuned as we have plenty of new features and building blocks on our roadmap!

    Custom Everything

    Portaly integrates various graphical and multi-media features, creating a one and only mini-site of your own.

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